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Class Schedule and Rates

Take a deep breath in through your nose and let it out as you watch the waves roll in. Wait for the wave to come to you to read the day and time of classes.
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Classes are held virtual on Zoom and in the studio.


Class Schedule

                                               @ Liberty Yoga

In person and Zoom

Mondays and Wednesdays   





Liberty Yoga
700 Capitol Trail Newark, DE 19711
(In the Possum Park / Liberty Plaza)
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Rates  (Click shopping cart to buy)

Drop in / per class - $18

4 Class Package - $60 (30 day exp.)

10 Class Package  - $150 (90 day exp.)


What to Expect

YES Class quieting the mind

In class, you will learn yoga postures and a variety of tools and techniques for self-care. Class is more about self-care than doing challenging yoga poses or a vigorous practice. Classes are for all levels. No yoga experience necessary. {There's an option to use a chair if you are unable to get on the floor.}


Some of the self-care techniques you will learn are:

  • Yoga Postures- seated, standing, balancing, and restorative

  • Breathing Techniques

  • Positive Self Talk & Affirmations

  • Messages/ Readings from Spiritual Teachers 

  • Visualizations

  • Emotional Guidance and Balancing Techniques

  • Energy Exercises

  • Sound Therapy: Chanting, singing bowls, theta music, flute, etc

  • Aromatherapy with Essential Oils

  • Meditation

A Sample Class Overview

       1. Opening: Welcome and Theme of the day. Gather as a group with a focus on unconditionally

           accepting yourself right where you are with affirmations of self- love. Answer a question about

           letting go followed by stating what you are grateful for and what energy you wish to invite in.

      2. Guided Breathing to relax the body and set an Intention of self-care

     3.  Techniques are woven throughout class to help with emotional and physical well being

     4.  Yoga Postures. A combination of Restorative & Gentle vinyasa Yoga practice with a theme

     5.  Closing: ​ Group ritual to let go of what isn't serving you and invite in what will to help you

          create a new reality with a focus on thriving in your life.

YES Class- Figure 8's
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Sample Energy Exercise

Three energy exercises

1- Inviting in what you want

2-deep breathing

3- transitioning

...and a bonus ---cute doggie!

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