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Any workplace can be stressful and burn out is common. Whether your staff is crunching numbers or lifting boxes, everyone needs time to recharge. YES classes are a great way to give back to your employees while also creating a more pleasant work environment and happier employees.

Not only are          classes good for the workplace, they are also extremely effective and truly NEEDED for so many in other areas of life.


* PT Centers -

While your patients are struggling to rehabilitate their bodies, they need inner strength, emotional balance, and positive energy to accomplish a well rounded recovery.

* Rehab Facilities - 

Addiction is a powerful thing that is difficult for the addict and loved ones alike.  YES is just as important to the families and friends dealing with an addict as it is for the addict themselves.

* Parent Support Groups -

Coping with various stresses when it comes to parenting such as addiction, illness, behavioral problems, bullying, runaways, mental illness and so much more, parents need to find peace and balance within their own mind and bodies.


* Yoga Studio -

Why not offer a different kind of class in your studio? It's good to mix things up and keep your clients coming back for more!

* Retreats -

YES is a great way to learn self-care and how to start off each day so that the mind and body are calm, nurtured, and open to receive the offerings and blessings that the day brings.

* Wellness Center - 

Getting the mind and body aligned and in tune is a large part of healing whether fighting physical or mental ailments.


* Therapist's Offices - 

Whether battling emotional scars from the past or dealing with other issues from PTSD to relationship issues, everyone needs the tools to find inner strength and peace.

Rates vary depending on many factors including location, number of attendees, and frequency of class.  

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What to Expect

In class, you will learn yoga postures and a variety of tools and techniques for self-care. Class is more about self-care than doing challenging yoga poses or a vigorous practice. Classes are for all levels. No yoga experience necessary. Option to use a chair if unable to get on the floor.


Some of the self-care techniques you will learn are:

  • Yoga Postures- seated, standing, balancing, and restorative

  • Breathing Techniques

  • Positive Self Talk

  • Messages/ Readings to Offer Self-Care

  • Visualizations

  • Emotional Guidance and Balancing Techniques

  • Energy Exercises

  • Mantras

  • Essential Oils

  • Meditation

YES Class quieting the mind

A Sample Class Overview

  • Welcome and Theme of the day unconditionally accepting you right where you are

  • Group Opening ritual to let go of the past, be in the present, and invite in positivity & self love

  • Reading of the group Nurturements and Intentions

  • Guided Breathing to relax the body and set an Intention of self-care

  • A combination of Restorative & Gentle vinyasa Yoga practice with a theme

  • Positive messages of self-care are woven throughout class 

  • A variety of tools and techniques are woven in to help you with emotional & physical balance

  • Ending Savasana (relaxation pose) with guided visualization &/or essential oils

  • Meditation for 5-10 minutes

  • Group Ending ritual to help you to create a new reality with a focus on thriving in your own life

YES Class- Figure 8's
YES Restorative and Christine.jpg

Corporate Classes

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