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To order your own quality essential oils with a discount from Young Living Essential Oils, follow these steps:

1. Click       to go to the Young Living Website.

2. Look around, shop, and choose oils that you would like

    to purchase and add them to your cart.

3. Go to checkout.

4. Select the Green "Register Now" button.

5. For a 24% discount, pay just $45 to be a member. 

    Go to the bottom right of the page and check the box

    that says, "I was referred by a member and I have their

    ID numbers."

6. Enter 13031875 in both Sponsor and Enroller ID spots.

7. Select the basic kit for $45 or other kits for more.

8. Enter your information and purchase your oils.

Note: You may join the Essential Rewards which is a monthly Autorenew order program but you do not have to

Blankets and Bolsters

by El Paso and Yoga Direct

Blocks and Bolsters and more can be purchased at Yoga Direct.                       to go to the website

Yoga Blankets can be purchased at El Paso Saddle Blankets.                     to go to the website.

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