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Thank you Universe for Giving me Adversity!

My energy is up, I'm thinking positive thoughts, I am focused on ways to give back to others and voila--- the exact person, event, insight or opportunity comes to me! Every day I thank the universe for giving me exactly what I need! This happens so often that I made a table called "The Universe Every Day." It has a column that has the date, one that says "Universe" and one that says "Outcome". When I am open to receive the messages from the positive thoughts and energy I put out there then amazing things come to me. I run into the exact person at the exact right time or I receive a phone call from someone offering to help me. I write on my "Universe Every Day" table the date and the experience. Then I watch that interaction grow and manifest into more opportunities and then I write that in the "Outcome" column. Looking back at all of the opportunities that present themselves daily helps me to continue with the positive thoughts and energy.

I have not always been one for prayer except when I was very young and I would spend a week or a weekend with my grandmother. She always had me and my sisters kneel down by the bed and say our prayers: "Now I lay me down to sleep. I pray the Lord my soul to keep. If I should die before I wake I pray the Lord my soul to take" I never liked saying that as a child or thinking about death but that's the way she taught us to pray. I would then say "God bless mommy and daddy and Linda and Julia (my sisters) and mom-mom and pop-pop and Henry (our poodle) etc." Today with my new insights about the Law of Attraction and manifesting what I desire, I pray to the universe every day. I thank the Universe for everything that it is showing and teaching me. Teal Swan, spiritual teacher, says "Whatever is happening is supposed to be happening because it is happening." And why is it happening? Because I manifested it through my thoughts. So, my prayers are all about what I am grateful for including or even especially for the adversities I am going through.

When I decided to help others by creating a program called Yoga for Emotional Support the Universe said "Ok! If that is what you wish to do I will give you some adversity so you can really know what it is like to have emotional difficulties in your life and only then will you know first hand what it is like and be able to help others." So, the universe gave me some difficulties to experience. I have a daughter with substance use disorder, a husband with childhood trauma who moved away and then asked for a divorce after almost 3 years of marriage and a father who died of cancer in 2017. Only through struggles and pain can we experience joy. Only through fear can we experience love. Only through failing can we experience success. I thank the universe for these experiences and the lessons that have come from them.

So, how do we know when the universe is talking to us and giving us lessons? We can't see or touch or hear or taste or smell it. We have to use our other senses to recognize when it is happening. Our intuition will guide us. You know that butterfly feeling in your stomach or heart. It guides you to say "Yes" or "No" or "Maybe". Trust the answer and move in the direction that feels right and all that is supposed to happen will be revealed. Trust. Trust that what is happening is supposed to be happening and the universe will take over. Stay positive, open, loving and kind and thank the universe every day for the adersity and the positivity and wonderful opportunities that present themselves to you and your life will be just as it is supposed to be!

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Rudy Nyhoff
Rudy Nyhoff
19 ene 2019

Wow Christine ... some powerful thoughts, elegantly expressed. I'm sorry I did not get to read this earlier or to learn of your hardships in the past year. You have my heartfelt condolences at your losses and my utmost emotional support as your abiding friend. Your decision to provide emotional support through your yoga is the ultimate gift and I wish you all the success this effort deserves. There is a lot of suffering out there and you are making a difference by providing healing. Take care and heal your eye. Know that we, Peg and I, are always there for you if you need to talk. Always yours in loving humankindness, rudy

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